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Ultra Red Eight 2-PK

Ultra Red Eight 2-PK

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Save by buying our 2-pk 8 oz. Bottles Choose both the same flavor or two seperate flavors. Ultra Red Eight ultra strong mix is to be mixed with new or used fryer oil or can be used straight as an extremely strong bear attractant. Available in a variety of flavors to keep the bears from tiring of the same flavor with repeated use. Ultra Red Eight was termed "my secret weapon" by one of our field staff during the test phase. Mix can be applied directly to bait or used as a tracking agent and alternate food source if bait runs out. Mix to desired strength,we recommend 1-2 oz. per gallon of oil dpending on condition of oil and strenght desired. This product is not intended as a flavor to make your own spray and is not formulated for that purpose. After using this you won't want to bait without it ! 8 OZ bottles for ease of use.

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