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Ultra Red 32oz. Spray 2PK

Ultra Red 32oz. Spray 2PK

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SAVE !!!! Two 32 oz spray bottle of our most powerful and longest lasting Ultra Red™ bear attractants. Choose the same flavor or two different. Once you you bait and hunt with Ultra Red Spray™ you'll never hunt without it again. Make the bears want to come to your bait,they can't resist Ultra Red™

Our strongest longest lasting spray attractant ! Our customers refer to these as "the strongest scents on the market" !  During testing Ultra Red Spray could be smelled by the human nose 7 days after use. Available in the strongest flavors known to attract bears. Ultra Red Spray was used to harvest 20 plus bears during the test phase and has been two years in the making. After using this you won't want to hunt without it ! 

Top seller combo Crazy Caramel & Cherry Bomb. Shake well before each use. 

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